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 Pahola Moncada

Pahola Moncada is a textile designer from Colombia. She found her passion for the footwear while she was working in a recognized colombian textile factory, where she was working designing textiles for leather goods, among others. Afterward, she left Colombia seeking for her dream to Italy, where she learned the art of footwear. Then she went to Argentina where she established her own fun style. Once she came back to Colombia, she created her brand Bella Anabella.

Pahola Moncada
Bogotá - Colombia

Bogotá - Colombia

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Back to Fairy tales & Mary Poppins

In a world where everything looks like is moving as the speed of light, where the technology is taking the place of the special games when we used to share with special people, we left behind what was simple and innocent of our childhood.

A time when we could immerse in fairy tales and nannies which had the power to create illustrations to live within! It was a world where nothing worried us, just live day to day with music and magic moments.

Now making a pause with this design proposition “Back to Fairy tales, Mary Poppins” to go back to the pretty and magic of our past. To enter momentarily in the Mary Poppins world and touch with the tips of the shoes to flight with the imagination.

The inspiration is based on a movie where shoes had some masculine touch but showed a feminine and happy woman at the same time. A mix of colors materials to travel with the imagination through the London streets and rooftops.

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