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by maria’s suppliers are selected through our Foundation, which verifies their legal certificates and good environmental and social practices. We pay our suppliers in full at the time of purchase thanks to our pre-order business model, which aids the local economy by allowing a sustainable industry growth without causing detriment to the more vulnerable involved parties, such as the small and medium providers.


by-product of the meat industry
Leather – Upper

This leather is tanned and dyed, achieving a natural finish to match its natural feel. It is lightly stamped with a pebble texture before tumbling it in a large drum to accentuate the textured look and give it an extra-supple feel. The finished leather not only holds colour brilliantly, but it’s also strong enough to be worn as an unlined shoe. Plus, it’s smooth, super soft, and pliable enough to mould to fit your feet.

About Supplier:

PIELES DE MARCA SAS is located in Bogotá D.C., Colombia. 

PIELES DE MARCA SAS produces and commercializes leather, which is a by-product of the beef industry. It also adheres to the following policy guidelines to ensure good environmental practices:

a) To protect the environment by conserving the natural resources, and by performing actions that guarantee their efficient use.
b) To prevent contamination and pollution, which may be caused by its production processes.
c) To promote environmental awareness through staff training and encouraging teamwork.
d) To implement the necessary measures in order to constantly improve its good environmental performance.
f) To set good environmental goals and objectives using the guidelines of this policy.

A by-product of the meat industry
Lining goatskin leather

This leather is tanned and dyed achieving its natural feel. After years of testing the leather by maria uses to line its products,  we have achieved the perfect softness that allows you to even wear your shoes without socks if you choose to do so.

This leather is suppler and softer because it contains lanolin. It is also more durable than cowhide leather because it is water-resistant without sacrificing the flow of air around the feet. Goatskin is warm, breathable, and very comfortable to wear; it is pebble textured, which gives it distinctive ridges.
Find out more about our supplier here

About supplier:

CAPRIELY CURTIEMBRES is located in BOGOTA, D.C., Colombia and is part of the Apparel Manufacturing Industry.
PIELES DE MARCA SAS, based in Bogota, Colombia. Produces and commercializes leather by-products. Capriely develops and commercializes various skins such as vaccines; napas, nubuck, fellings, baits, fur skins, among others; with finishes such as cracked, foil, pearly, varnished, contrasting, etc .; goat skins for clothing, footwear and parchments in suede, cracked, pigmented finishes; calf leather also for clothing, footwear and parchment with its finishes in suede, pigmented, and hair; as well as imported skins such as pigs, sheep, goats and cattle. We are specialized in the production of chamois, cracked and waxed hulls.

More about Capriely here

Textile from PET and recycled cotton
Vegan – Textile Upper

This textile was developed for footwear use. It is warm, breathable, and very comfortable to wear. It is made with recycled cotton yarns, from clothing scraps, which are combined with recycled PET fibres from bottles, forming a product created without dry cleaning processes, thus saving water and energy.
Composition: Recycled cotton 41% – Cotton 42% – PET 14% – Others 3%

About supplier:

TEXTILES ROMANOS S A is located in Bogotá D.C., Colombia. It has 57 employees across all of its locations.

Find out more about Textiles Romanos here

Waxed cotton

The durability of these laces is increased by their waxed finish, which helps preserve their original colour.


Dimatex Leon is a Mexican company that seeks to provide manufacturing companies, end consumers, and distributors, with materials that facilitate their production processes or fulfil their specific needs. One of its main product lines is footwear and leather goods.

To know more about Dimatex here

Chemically Recycled Zipper
Zippers – Slides

NATULON® are chemically recycled zippers made from post-consumer polyester products and are perpetually recyclable. Thanks to our use of NATULON® fastening products, we have reduced the need for new materials by taking advantage of the most advanced chemical recycling technology. Taken from https://www.ykkfastening.com/products/zipper/


One of our globally recognized suppliers, not only for its quality but also for the important role it plays in terms of sustainability.
YKK’s products are small parts, but they provide great value for each customer, which is YKK Fastening Products Group’s main goal. YKK aims for “WORLD-CLASS PERFORMANCE” in terms of design, function, quality, and consideration for the environment in the fastening products they provide.
YKK Global Criteria of Compliance is YKK’s CSR guideline, which was based upon YKK’s philosophy of the “Cycle of Goodness” and the ISO26000 guidelines. It is formulated to embody their contribution to a sustainable society through their core business. YKK implements annual audits of YKK Group factories, based on exhaustive criteria, and also conducts regular evaluations and improvements for sustainability.

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Recovered ABS

The heels used in the industry are usually made of plastic, although it is possible to make them in wood as well. 

by maria carried out tests with both materials, concluding that wood is very heavy and makes it impossible to guarantee the uniformity of the heel. Therefore, nowadays by maria works with a supplier, located in Colombia, that develops heels with recovered ABS material.


Modaplass Group is a Colombian business group, its main headquarters are located in Acopi, Yumbo. It is a brand specialized in the transformation of plastic materials (such as ABS, PS, and PC), for the production and commercialization of footwear parts such as heels and platforms.

To know more about our supplier here

Expanded rubber

Expanded rubber, a mix of TR and EVA, delivers greater durability and a smooth finish. This material has better resistance, tear-resistance and is lighter than rubber.


Stanton S.A.S. is a footwear company dedicated to designing, developing, manufacturing, distributing, and retailing shoes. Headquartered in Bogotá, Colombia, Stanton is vertically integrated, with the capability of producing and developing footwear and most of the components required for the footwear manufacturing process.

To know more about Stanton S.A.S. here

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